The Future of First-Party Data: 3 Ways Direct Mail Outperforms Digital Channels


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With Google deprecating the cookie in 2024, the expected value of a digital persona will drop by at least 30%. While marketers explore alternative solutions, email marketing won't be the answer. In fact, 9.8 billion emails are sent daily in the U.S. alone. (That’s more than the 8.1 billion people on Earth!)

On the flip side, the average U.S. household receives 384 pieces of mail a year, and 79% of households report they still read their daily mail.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the best CRM Marketers use direct mail to capitalize on their first-party data to hit growth and LTV targets. We’ll cover how to:

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Cluster and segment your first-party data effectively

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Combine your first-party data with the big data pipes to uncover insights for better personalization

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Utilize machine learning to identify opportunities for incremental revenue and spend efficiencies


Learn from industry experts

Unlock the power of Direct Mail for CRM marketing from some of the best experts in the business.


Amanda Boughey (Host)

Director, Product & Content Marketing

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William Hayes

Data Scientist

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Brian Delaporte

Account Executive

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